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If you don’t have something nice to say, (don’t say anything at all), 2020-2021

metal, plaster, textile, plastic, wire

left:h112, w28, d28cm

right h70, w22, d22 cm


Let's talk about the elphant in the room, 2021

wood, textile, plastic, cardboard, wire

h75, w20 d12cm

et lettertype te wijzigen. Het is een geweldige plek om een verhaal over je bedrijf te vertellen en gebruikers meer over jou te laten weten.

safe space, 2021

wood, textile, metal

h226, w160, d160cm


Safe Space,

brick towers, 2022

plaster, stone, metal, plastic, wood

left: h43 diameter 6cm

right: h26,5 diameter 8cm

20221012_133153 (1)_edited.jpg

There are two sides to every story, I realise now, it is only mine that matters

two stories, 2020, 2022

wood, fabric

h170 w205 d75

I started this work in 2020. The studio I rented was inside an old firehouse where I found the jacket. Coming out of a mental and physical abusive relationship of twenty years with a fireman this triggered me. I started embroydering and printing my story. The toughest memories, however, I left out. It took me two years to gather up enough courage to finish this piece. It is a testament of my grief, it is an attempt at seeking closure.

"To confront someone with their own

shadow is to show them their own light." -Carl Jung

Carl Jung, 2022

wood, plastic, metal, wire

h203, w42, d42cm

light flashes on and off


thirty-five warning signals, 2022
wood, plaster, carpet, tiles
h30 w147 d165

According to experts, partners undergo violence, on average, thirty-five times before their first report.

20230222_124608 (1).jpg
20230222_124608 (1).jpg

Lost adoration, 2022
wood, textile, wire
h146 b40 d50 cm

You are directing a drama,
I declined the part,
You cast me anyway.

fantasy island, 2023

(zwijgt kinneke)

(uw type vrouw)

(doe iets met uw leven)

h160 w140 d140

image (4).png

out of office, 2023

textile, woord, wire, tile

h115 w59 d48cm

I notice,

no filter,

I see

(even all the things I wish I didn't)

I catalog,


no hierarchy

Pile detail upon detail

'till it overloads



o u t o f o f f i c e

WhatsApp Image 2023-06-12 at 07.24.01 (2).jpeg

h o m e, 2023
h70 w200 d200cm


project for Arsenaal Lazarus for Tivoli Park, Mechelen

with architecture workroom, Erfgoedcel Mechelen, RADAR 

for Kunst in opdracht


Every citizen of Mechelen was asked what they would do if given one square meter of park. I was asked to listen to each story and turn them into a tangible work of art. For my sculpture I focussed mainly on the idea of Mechelen as a place to come home to, to belong after years of waiting, of standing in line for a future. My sculpture is made out of four separate square meters which at a starting position form the word 'home'. It is made to lean on/ stand against/play with and can be moved by the audience to create their ideal place of belonging, be it momentarilly.

Where do I belong ? 2023
textile, wood

lenght 822cm w38,5 cm


Portable heimat I/II/III/IV/V, 2023

textile, wood, wire, wax, soapstone, stone

I often feel more at home in places where I don't belong.


I built five portable places of belonging. A home to take with you on your journey. To fill with memories and feelings of home. A place to mentally take shelter in when feeling out of sync with the world around you

portable heimat I (august) h6,5 w33 d19 cm


portable heimat II (annie) h8 w15 d12 cm


portable heimat III (tree) h5,5 w12,5 d7,5 cm

Dusseldorf, Strasburg, Porto, Lissabon

portable heimat IV h5,5 w12,5 d7,5 cm  

Italy, New York

portable heimat V (mini) h1,5 w9,5 d6,5cm

Japan, Krakow, Berlin

No place like home, 2023

textile, carboard, tape

h38,5 w41,5cm

h6,3 w4 d4,3 cm

' the flags'

Please just see me.
I pretend I am ok.


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